The simple trick that stops guacamole turning brown…and the answer is in your kitchen cupboard


The answer is just a spray away to keep the dip looking fresh for 24 hours

ANY fan of Mexican knows the worst thing that can happen to your guacamole is it turning from green to brown.

But now there is an answer to keeping it looking fresh as the moment it was mixed.

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A simple trick using something most people have in the kitchen can stop your guacamole going brown

And the item needed is likely to be in most people’s kitchen cupboards.

The ‘good fat’ high protein fruit which goes so well with tortilla chips just needs a quick spritz – of cooking spray.

Either vegetable, coconut or olive oil spray will work.

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The answer is cooking spray

According to Purewow then all you need to do is cover it with cling film and stick it in the fridge.

Then if you are chef who likes to prepare ahead of time your guacamole will look as good as when it was mixed.

The research raises the possibility that a person who is sick might spread a disease by re-dipping a chip

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It now means when you prepare a mexican feast you can get your dip ready 24 hours before your guests arrive


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The trick also works on avocado

The cooking spray creates a barrier which stops oxidation – the process which makes it go brown.

So when it’s time to chow down on it your guests will never know it was made the day before.

The trick works on avocados as well.

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